Te Rouou iti ā-Haere

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Te Rourou iti ā-Haere

Waiata Files - Series One through Three

Te Rourou Iti ā-Haere is a collection of waiata released across three series.  Our project aims to support the revitilisation of reo Māori and Raukawatanga by providing waiata resources (audio files and lyrics) that are meaningful, engaging and easy to access.

Together, the complilation includes commonly sung waiata heard throughout the takiwā and beyond, along with waiata from Mōtai Tangata Rau. Many different whānau and groups took part in the recordings, refelcting the diversity of our iwi and takiwā.

The compilation serves to support personal or group learning, wānanga and also our 16 paepae across the takiwā . Our waiata are across a number of platforms, making it easy to download, stream or add to your playlist.  Whether you’re doing chores, at mahi or out for a jog, its easy to push play and get your waiata gains each day.

Waiata Files - Series One

Te Rouou iti ā-Haere CD 1 Booklet  Click link for downloadable PDF, Series One Kupu

Waiata Files - Series Two

Te Rouou iti ā-Haere CD 2 Booklet Click link for downloadable PDF, Series Two Kupu

Waiata Files - Series Three

Te Rouou iti ā-Haere CD 3 Click link for downloadable PDF, Series Three Kupu

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