Pataka Rauemi

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This section is dedicated to the creation, distribution and dissemination of mātauranga ā-iwi o Raukawa, through multiplie medium materials

To achieve our cultural aspirations, we provide a wide range of programmes, resources and opportunities to help guide, empower and connect our people to their Raukawa identity. Through our mahi, we aim to revitalise and normalise our culture, language, identity, and heritage.

Te Ūkaipō Wānanga - February 2023.

Te Oriori o Raukawa, a traditional chant written by Paraone Gloyne is a collection of 12 versus of kōrero tuku iho pertaining to different aspects of a child’s cultural development. 

Ngā Pakiwaitara a Raukawa is a collection of bilingual storybooks written by iwi members and released across three series.  Our project aims to support the revitalisation of te reo Māori and mātauranga ā-iwi o Raukawa by providing resources that are meaningful, engaging and easy to access.


Ngā Pakiwaitara a Raukawa is a collection of bilingual animations written by iwi members.  The series provides a helpful resource that contains information about our iwi, whakapapa, tūpuna names, historical accounts, and sites of significance.


Te Rourou Iti ā-Haere is a collection of waiata released across three series of waiata collections.  Together, the compilation includes commonly sung waiata heard throughout the takiwā and beyond, along with waiata from Mōtai Tangata Rau. 

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